Our Business partners


G-Flex is specialized in diagnostic and therapeutic accessories for the gastrointestinal and pulmonary market. The company offers high quality reusable and single use endoscopy instruments. Through the network of international partners located in more than 50 different countries, the company has been able to reach a global vision of simple & performing medical devices. G-flex always listens to the market needs, work with doctors and nurses all over the world to identify new techniques and procedures. 

S&G biotech

S&G Biotech

S&G Biotech is a well known company from south Korea manufacturing High quality GI Metal Stents and FNA is its exclusive distributor in IRAN since 2013. We have different type of Metal stents such as Biliary , Esophageal , Radiopaque precutaneous Biliary and Colorectal stents


Anrei Medical Co

Anrei Medical Company is one of the subgroups of Interplex Holding companies from USA . This company originates from China and produces High Quality GI Endoscopic accessories and some of the items comes with US-FDA. Most of products have been successfully entered Governmental regulation program by Iranian MOH and have been approved for all governmental and public hospitals in IRAN


Ningbo Advan Electrical Co

FNA Company is exclusive distributor of ADVAN Company since 2010 . The company produces Skin Stapler and its well designed remover for general surgical purposes. The product comes with US-FDA